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Welcome to La Casa Hacienda Nasca Oasis a peaceful location that will give you access to the best touristic destinies in the region, offering you a trip filled with emotions and new experiences.

We would like you to learn more about us through our web page that offers you all the necessary information.

La Casa Hacienda Nasca Oasis Hotel has been created looking for balance between nature and basic XXI century comfort. We are located on the 449 km of the Panamericana Sur road where the Hacienda Pangaravi was located. Its architecture is an adaptation to the style of the ancient colonial houses of the south, surrounded by orchards and fields which are irrigated by admirable Pre-Hispanic aqueducts.

In our Hotel facilities you would find a cozy and peaceful environment where you will be able to relax and enjoy your stay.

Thank you for your visit.
Km 449 Panamericana Sur, El Carmen De Pangaravi | RPM: *0272112 | Phone: 056-524161
Cell: 945-534108 | Cell: 956-154433 | Skype: Celias83 | Skype: Hotelcasahaciendanascaoasis | Email: